by Manfredi Lucibello


Where is Italy going? With this question, Di Ernesto Gialli della Loggia, accompanied by film director Manfredi Lucibello begins the journey. A journey into the country’s past eager to find suggestions for a diverse future.




58 minutes


Manfredi Lucibello

Technical Cast

Carlo Macchitella, Claudio Vecchio (producer), Ernesto Galli Della Loggia (subject-screenplay), Enrico Barile (photography)


Madeleine, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Rai Cinema

Manfredi Lucibello
Manfredi Lucibello
Bio & filmography


I began this journey in Italy’s past, to better understand my country, at a time when loss and mistrust are common feelings in many of my peers. The valuable discussions with Ernesto, fueled by the viewing of numerous archive films, allowed me to discover a ‘Italy very different from the one in which I grew up: Il Paese Perduto. A country built by passion and a sense of community, of which there are now only a few traces, especially in the memory of my generation.

Il Paese Perduto is a documentary about the last 70 years of our country. From the difficult years of the post-war period to the fabulous 60’s to then arrive, through the dark years of terrorism, the illusions of the 80’s, Mani pulite, the economic crisis and the second Republic to the events of the last months. A journey full of reflections and historical, cultural and political considerations, but also of private memories in a sort of “search of the lost time” that Ernesto Galli of the Loggia goes through weaving images of repertoire, interviews with the young director Manfredi lucibello, trips to places that are part of his past and of Italy.